Day 1

It has come to my attention that I am fat.

I am tired of feeling exhausted. I am tired of my feet hurting. I am tired of my back hurting.

When looking at a GoPro video my son shot while I was on a field trip with him I saw myself….but it was not me. I was in pure disbelief that that was indeed me. How did I let myself get that HUGE???? Oh yeah, eating like shit. Watching this video was IT for me. I have spent years looking at myself and justifying. Justifying my weight. Justifying my size and justifying my excuses.

I was camping on a father-son outing and made the huge mistake of not bringing a cot or something with more support and cushion to sleep on. When I woke up the next morning, my lower back was in so much pain I couldn’t put my shoes on. With my 8 year old son in tow, I walked up the rain soaked hill to find a seat. There my 8 year old son had to use my socks to wipe my feet of the fresh mud and put my sock and shoes on. I cannot do this ever again.

So many times I “start over” often failing more than beginning. It goes well for a week then I give up. It is so easy to go back.  I cannot go back.

Today is my Day 1. I had no motivation to get out of bed other than knowing I would feel better when I did. Once my feet hit the floor I knew I was ready. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone and the dog leash and out I went. 27.30 minutes later I returned home feeling fresh from my walk. I prepped my lunch of strawberries, nectarines, yogurt and BBQ Chicken (Don’t hate). I ate a Fit Crunch Bar for breakfast (not the whole thing) the BBQ Chicken for lunch with 2 hard boiled eggs and a Monster Lo-Carb . I am drinking a crap load of water (1 x 64 ounce so far) with a little True Lemon in it. I am still friggin’ hungry.

I know that this is the beginning and it will get harder and easier. It will be harder for me to wake up in the morning and eat new things. It will be easier to do the fatherly things I need to be doing with 3 boys.

This is Day 1.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford